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Products Index

  • Superbike Stand £106.95

    Superbike Stand

    Our flagship, multi award winning product! Safe, easy and secure...

  • Sky Lift £462.00

    Sky Lift

    The ultimate motorcycle lift! Raise your bike up high in 3 different positions...

  • Cruiser Sky Lift £473.00

    Cruiser Sky Lift

    The ultimate motorcycle lift for custom, classic & cruisers...

  • Fitting Kits £19.95

    Fitting Kits

    Changed your bike? Upgrade your Superbike Stand or Sky Lift here...

  • Front Lift Arm £56.95

    Front Lift Arm

    If you already own an abba Superbike Stand lifting the front end just got easy....

  • Swing Arm Removal Kit £22.00

    Swing Arm Removal Kit

    Removing your swing arm? It's safe and simple with the swing arm removal kit..

  • Bobbin & Hub Adapters £11.95

    Bobbin & Hub Adapters

    Support strap adapters suitable for use with the Front lift Arm & Sky Lift

  • Superbike Tool Tray £19.95

    Superbike Tool Tray

    Keep your tools, bolts and fasteners within easy reach when working...

  • Moto Glide £119.95

    Moto Glide

    Make your abba Superbike Stand manoeuvrable by using the Moto Glide.

  • Standard Kit £26.95

    Standard Kit

    The standard fitting kit supplied with the Superbike Stand & Sky Lift

  • Sky Lift Tool Tray £31.95

    Sky Lift Tool Tray

    Keep your tools, nuts and bolts close by when working on your bike..

  • Superbike Wall Bracket £15.95

    Superbike Wall Bracket

    Keep your Superbike Stand stored safely on the wall when not in use...

  • Front Arm Wall Bracket £16.95

    Front Arm Wall Bracket

    Keep your Front Lift Arm stored safely on the wall when not in use...

Other Lifts, Stands & Tools

  • Bicycle Stand £42.95

    Bicycle Stand

    Your bike doesn't need an engine anymore to use one of our great stands...

  • Wheel Spin £54.95

    Wheel Spin

    Wheel cleaning & chain lubrication is simple with this high quality product...

  • Mobile Work Seat £31.95

    Mobile Work Seat

    Take the back ache out of all your cleaning and maintenance tasks...

  • Loading Ramp £79.95

    Loading Ramp

    Get your bike loaded easily with this aluminium foldable loading ramp...

  • Sky Lift Foot Pedal Kit £26.95

    Sky Lift Foot Pedal Kit

    Already own a Sky Lift? Upgrade your lift to foot pedal operation..

  • Front Wheel Chock £40.99

    Front Wheel Chock

    Ideal for keeping your bike in an upright position.

  • Kneeling Mat £15.95

    Kneeling Mat

    Save your knees when working on your bike with this kneeling mat

Workshop Equipment

  • Technicians Kit £214.95

    Technicians Kit

    A full range of fittings for use with the Superbike Stand & Sky Lift...

  • Bead Breaker £61.50

    Bead Breaker

    Changing your own tyres? You won't get far without breaking the bead...

  • Bead Breaker Kit £81.50

    Bead Breaker Kit

    The perfect kit for getting the old tyres off and the new ones on...

  • Wheel Balancer £96.95

    Wheel Balancer

    Now you've got your new tyres fitted, you'll need to balance them too...

  • Staged Adapter Set £39.95

    Staged Adapter Set

    Our unique, easy fit wheel balancer cones available on their own...

  • Single Sided Adapter £32.95

    Single Sided Adapter

    Adapts a Wheel Balancer for use on single sided rear wheels...

  • BMW Single Sided Adapter £42.95

    BMW Single Sided Adapter

    Adapts a Wheel Balancer for use on BMW single sided rear wheels...

  • Wheel Rizer £74.95

    Wheel Rizer

    Make the awkward task of fitting wheels a whole lot easier...

  • Tyre Lever Set £29.95

    Tyre Lever Set

    Our set of high quality tyre levers & rim protectors, specially made for bikes...

  • Tyre Lube £10.95

    Tyre Lube

    Quick drying, low friction tyre lube perfect for motorcycle tyre changing...

Package Deals

  • Superbike Package 2 £153.90

    Superbike Package 2

    Lifting both wheels could not be easier with our most popular package...

  • Superbike Package 3 £284.95

    Superbike Package 3

    Elevate both wheels from the floor whilst also being fully manoeuvrable..

  • Moto Glide Package £144.95

    Moto Glide Package

    Already got the Superbike Package 2? Why not make your bike fully mobile...

  • Pro Sky Lift Package £715.00

    Pro Sky Lift Package

    The Ultimate workshop kit, can be used on 350+ motorcycles...

  • Tyre Change Package £173.40

    Tyre Change Package

    Tyres are cheap to purchase online, why not fit your own and save £££'s

  • Pro Workshop Package £349.00

    Pro Workshop Package

    Use on 350+ motorcycles, perfect for Workshops & MOT Stations...

  • Home Workshop Package £324.95

    Home Workshop Package

    Everything you need in the ultimate kit for the home mechanic...

  • Wall Bracket package £27.95

    Wall Bracket package

    Keep your Superbike package 2 neat and secure on the wall..

Spares & Accessories

  • Cruiser Sky Lift Cradle £137.95

    Cruiser Sky Lift Cradle

    Easily convert your existing Sky Lift to work with Customs & Cruisers...

  • Cruiser Sky Lift Bracket £52.95

    Cruiser Sky Lift Bracket

    Bracket kit for the Cruiser Sky Lift to locate on the lower frame rails...

  • Cruiser Cradle Strap £19.95

    Cruiser Cradle Strap

    Stability strap for use with the abba Cruiser Sky Lift...

  • Sky Lift Strap Mount £7.95

    Sky Lift Strap Mount

    Additional strap mount for use with the abba Sky Lift

  • L/H side Standard Fitting £13.50

    L/H side Standard Fitting

    Replacement left hand side standard fitting for Superbike Stand & Sky Lift

  • R/H side Standard Fitting £13.50

    R/H side Standard Fitting

    Replacement right hand side standard fitting for Superbike Stand & Sky Lift

  • Component kit £6.95

    Component kit

    Replacement inserts, handle grip & thumb screw for the superbike stand

  • Front Lift Arm Strap £5.50

    Front Lift Arm Strap

    Replacement support strap for use with the abba Front Lift Arm

  • Sky Lift Strap £5.50

    Sky Lift Strap

    Replacement support strap for use with the abba Sky Lift

  • Adjustable Base Plinth £26.95

    Adjustable Base Plinth

    Use your Superbike Stand on uneven/soft ground or raise your bike higher...

  • Footpeg Ties £1.50

    Footpeg Ties

    Pair of reusable ties for holding footpegs upright...

  • Front Lift Arm Adjuster £15.95

    Front Lift Arm Adjuster

    Use your Superbike Package 2 at an elevated height

Motorbike Security

  • S1 Ground Anchor £83.00

    S1 Ground Anchor

    A supreme high quality ground anchor for ultimate motorcycle security..