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Customer Reviews

We recieve so much feedback from customers reviewing our products that we have decided to share what some of our customers have to say.

See what our customers have to say about the abba

  • Before buying any bike related product, I research the options throughly and ask as many members of bike forums as possible. Again and again I was being told that the only bike stand worth buying for my Hayabusa was the Abba stand. Now I've used it I can only say I am a convert. Your product is a revelation! It was so easy to use and made my routine maintenance a doddle.

    Mr N. Curson, London

    Suzuki GSXR 1300 :: Superbike Stand

  • i bought a sky lift from ur team at this year nec motorbike show, i have to say that the service and help to understand this product was explained very well to me. When getting home ive found this to be alot easier than my old paddock stand and also a lot safer. Thank you guys

    Daniel Effard, Wolverhampton England

    Yamaha yzf r1 :: Sky Lift

  • This is the greatest stand money can buy. I love this stand so much I can't even begin to tell you. The fact you can buy this stand once and use it for life with all your bikes simply by buying an inexpensive pin kit for your new bike is brilliant. I got the front lift kit as well which easily attaches to the swingarm spools that came with my bike and I can get both wheels off the ground quite easily if I need to. I've had bikes with center stands before and this stand is far more sturdy than even a stock center stand. No balancing acts, no worry about your bike falling. I can put my bike on the stand and leave it for as long as I want without having to check on it which I would do before with traditional paddock stands. Definitely the best accessory I've ever purchased for motorcycling. I adjusted my rear shock the other day while on the stand hammering away on my spanner punch without so much as a wobble. Try that with a paddock stand and see if you feel safe. If you don't have this stand buy it now.

    David, Usa

    2012 Kawasaki Z1000 :: Superbike Package 2

  • From the time I decided to buy a complete stand through to 18 hours later when it was delivered and I had my bike on the stand I was never less than stunned at the service I received. Awesome service- awesome product - I only regret not getting one earlier. My best garage purchase yet! Simon

    Simon S, Uk

    Triumph T595 :: Superbike Package 2

  • A great big thank you to abba Stands for the fantastic abba Sky Lift.....A-MAZE-ING....a totally awesome motorcycle lift/stand :D I have had an abba Superbike Stand in my garage and in regular use for what must be approaching 10 years, a great stand that I've had tons of use out of with a number of different bikes, none of the many 'conventional' paddock stands (front and rear) have ever come close to the useability of the abba stand. I have also used a Bursig lift stand for the last couple of years but even then the abba stand still had its uses. I also had a hydraulic motorcycle workbench.....'had' because that became surplus to requirements (along with the Bursig) on getting the amazing abba Sky Lift! (I should say that the Bursig was great but the constraints of its capability, one lifting position and a max lift of just a few inches means that it doesn't compare to the Sky Lift) The timing of the Sky Lift's arrival couldn't have been better with a few service/maintenance jobs due on my Multistrada 1200. In the first week of ownership the Sky Lift has had a lot of use, all the service maintenance jobs done with more ease than ever before, being able to lift the bike to various heights in any of the 3 lifting positions is a huge benefit, not to mention being able to move the bike around whilst on the stand. The bike has also had a deep clean (you know, old toothbrushes and Q-tips and sore finger tips! lol) including all those hard to reach/almost impossible to reach places that I could now get at with ease. The bike was very stable on the stand and once I got over the initial slight trepidation of lifting the bike at seemingly scary angles and heights had absolute confidence in its performance. I noted that the labeling on the hydraulic ram/jack quoted the lifting capacity at 3 tons.....any bike will be a breeze then. On the subject of the ram/jack, the stroke of the pumping action is quite short so the rate at which the bike is lifted is a little slow - not really a criticism/issue as such more an observation as I suppose the slow lifting action makes for smother (safer?) progress? Again, thank you abba.........impressed!

    Andy W, Weston Super Mare

    Ducati Multistrada 1200 :: Sky Lift

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